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You probably have seen various wheels of fortune, but you have never seen

our High End model. Staying with the motto “Anyone who stops improving,

stops being good.”, our development department sat down and worked on a revolutionary new wheel of fortune.

 What can we change about our existing wheel of fortune to improve the use

for events, trade exhibitions and other festivities?  

The solution: The three-part wheel of fortune

Firstly you can impress the customers and passers-by with the new innovative

design. Secondly you are one step ahead of your competitors. Couples get the

chance to spin the wheel together, promoters can actively work with their

costumers on spinning the wheel and co-workers are able to act in concert.


Slogan games:

Spread the words of your slogan all over the wheels and make the customer

try to put the slogan together by spinning them.

Example: “I’m loving it!” – a totally unique slogan

Country flags games:

Take three different colors (for example black, red and gold) and make the

customers arrange them in the correct order by spinning the wheels.

Logo games:

Put your company logo on various fields and whenever the customers succeeds

in putting three logos in one row, they win.


  Drei Teiliges Glücksrad Bild High End  

Wheel of fortune layout

- 100 percent individual layout or choose one of our standard layouts



Technical Characteristics

- The wheel of fortune can be used in any weather

- Height: 170 to 190 cm

- Poles are made of aluminum

- Wheel is made of premium plastic

- The back of the wheel is connected to the pole

- Weight: 11kg

- Three ball bearings

- Two year warranty on poles and ‘flabber’

  Verkauf 3-Teiliges Gluecksrad
 Drei Teiliges Glücksrad Bild Fruechte                        Drei Teiliges Glücksrad Bild Place    Glücksrad mit 3 Scheiben - Würfel Layout