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Our wheel of fortune Magnet with exchangeable fields is a big attraction on trade exhibitions and other events.

You can write on the white base with water-soluble markers and remove the markings whenever needed.

In addition, we design your wheel of fortune with a grid, so you won’t have any problems to put the exchangeable fields in the right place and position.

Even with the grid you can still have your individual design on the disc but use different magnetic stripes of fields for different events. All you need is one wheel of fortune and different sets of stripes of fields.

Material for your wheel of fortune

- Size 90 cm

- Disc for a design of your choice

- Complete disc is magnetic

- 18 fields (If you wish you can have a layout with up to 36 fields)

Exchangeable fields are all magnetic to create different layouts

Wheel of fortune layout

- 100 percent individual layout or choose one of our standard layouts

Technical characteristics

- The wheel of fortune can be used in any weather

- Height: 170 to 190 cm

- Poles are made of aluminum

- Disc is made of premium plastic

- The back of the wheel is connected to the pole

- Weight: 11 kg

- Slide bearing

- Two year warranty on poles and ‘Flabber’

   Gluecksrad Magnet mit Wechselfelder               Gluecksrad Magnet mit Wechselfelder                           Gluecksrad Magnet mit Wechselfelder

                    Gluecksrad Magnet mit Wechselfelder

Gluecksrad Magnet mit Wechselfelder