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A simple trade exhibition safe might be too simple for you but not a problem for us. We offer you a personal engraving on your acryl safe. It doesn’t matter if you want your company logo, lettering or a simple text. Use the safe for your image and not just to play a lottery game.


Engraving on the four sides of the upper base shoe

Measurements: 40 x 3.8 cm


Normally we deliver our acryl safes with 100 keys. You can choose how many keys are supposed to be dummies and won’t open the safe. The keys are made of metal and have the same size as a regular door key. You will excite your customers’ curiosity by offering something special.

Overall dimensions of the key:

Weight: 10 grams

Length: 58 mm

Width:  28 mm


Messe Tresor Schlüssel Messe Tresor Dietrich

Messe Tresor Grafur  Messe Tresor Stoppuhr