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Brand new: wheel of fortune exchangeable fields to change the layout of your wheel of fortune.

It doesn’t matter if you need fields with texts, logos or other designs. Everything is possible.

Fast, easy and always matching to your needs. Exchange your layouts at a low price.

Whatever event you are planning, you will have the matching stripes for your fields on your wheel of fortune.


Your advantages:

- Easy to apply

- Low price compared to a whole new wheel of fortune

- Always a fitting statement for various events


The exchangeable fields will be delivered with a mounting option made of Velcro. There is an extra charge if you want Power Strips instead.

Handwerkskammer Lübeck Glücksrad mit Wechselfelder Handwerkskammer Lübeck Glücksrad mit Wechselfelder   Lynx Glücksrad mit WechselfelderLynx Glücksrad mit Wechselfelder

Glücksrad mit Wechselfelder    Glücksrad mit Wechselfelder     Glücksrad mit Wechselfelder     Glücksrad mit Wechselfelder

Atleti Glücksrad Wechselfeld Atleti Glücksrad Wechselfeld    Atleti Glücksrad Wechselfeld