Price List

 The giant from our range of products is the wheel of fortune Big. Choose one of the layouts presented in our online gallery and if you wish we can incorporate changes of your choice. Use your wheel of fortune individually to connect with new clients and to improve your presence at trade exhibitions.

Buying the wheel of fortune right from the manufacturer gives you the opportunity to incorporate your own unique design.

Material for your personal wheel of fortune

- Size 100 cm

- Disc for a design of your choice

- 18 fields (If you wish you can have a layout with up to 36 fields)


Wheel of fortune layout

- 100 percent individual layout or choose one of our standard layouts


Technical characteristics

- The wheel of fortune can be used in any weather

- Height: 170 to 190 cm

- Poles are made of aluminum

- Disc is made of premium plastic

- The back of the wheel is connected to the pole

  Gluecksrad Bild Big 100 cm Motiv FDP   Gluecksrad Bild Big 100 cm Motiv IKK Classic   Gluecksrad Bild Big 100 cm Motiv VR-Bank Rhön-Grabfeld

Gluecksrad Bild Big 100 cm Motiv First Bismark   Gluecksrad Bild Big 100 cm Motiv Kopf   Gluecksrad Bild Big 100 cm Motiv Polizei

Gluecksrad 100 cm Volksbank Oyten eG Gluecksrad 100 cm Unfallkasse Brandenburg Gluecksrad 100 cm Radiosender RSH

Gluecksrad 100 cm Radiosender Nora Gluecksrad 100 cm KluthGluecksrad 100 cm AL-KO

Gluecksrad 100 cm Gluecksrad 100 cm ewz-herne