Order your individual wheel of fortune right from the manufacturer                                            Price List

A wheel of fortune right from the manufacturer has the advantage that your wheel of fortune has a personal touch. We offer you a whole variety of wheel of fortune models. Almost every single part of the wheel of fortune is especially produced for us and has a unique design.

Here is an overview of our different models:

High End model 90 cm – three-part wheel of fortune


                                        High End model 90 cm – three-part wheel of fortune

                                                                                        Drei Teiliges Glücksrad Bild High End            

                                       Double model Small 80/50 cm        and             Double model Medium 90/64 cm 


                           Gluecksrad bild Doppel Small           Gluecksrad bild Doppel Medium           Gluecksrad bild Doppel Medium

Basic Ground model 80 cm   Basic model 80 cm         Professional model 90 cm         Big model 100 cm

Gluecksrad Bild Basic Grund 80 cm Gluecksrad Bild Basic 80 cm Gluecksrad Bild Professional 90 cm Gluecksrad Bild Big 100 cm  

Magnet model with exchangeable design                Magnet model with exchangeable fields 

Gluecksrad Magnet mit Wechselmotiv  Gluecksrad Magnet mit Wechselfelder  Gluecksrad Magnet mit Wechselfelder Nr 2  Gluecksrad Magnet mit Wechselfelder Nr 3