Purchase of trade exhibition safe/ glass safe with regular key, starting at 849,-                 Price List

A lottery game with a key safe/glass safe combines variation and exciting new merchandising.

Our trade exhibition safe comes with a box of keys. A few keys will open the safe and the other keys won’t. After choosing one of the keys the customer will try and see if the chosen key will open the safe.

In addition you can put the prize into the safe and excite the customers curiosity. If you ask yourself why you should buy a safe, you should have in mind that the safe will always attract new customers and support your marketing strategies. Use the possibility of designing your personal safe and raise your recognition value at trade exhibitions and other events.


Included in delivery:

- trade exhibition safe / glass safe

- 100 keys (more keys are optional)

 Special adjustments:

- light effects (Spot / LED / …)

- floor unit 

Technical Data:

- L/W/H 40 x 40 x 65 cm

- Weight: 20 kg 

Messe Tresor kaufen   Messe Tresor kaufen

Messe Tresor kaufen     Messe Tresor kaufen     Messe Tresor kaufen     Messe Tresor kaufen