Trade exhibition glass safe – Skeleton Key. starting at 849 EUR                                         Price List

Always wanted to be one of the Beagle Boys? Well this safe will give you the chance to be one of them and your customer will get the chance to pick a lock with a skeleton key and to end up opening the safe, winning the prize.

To keep up the excitement for all the other people watching, we will provide a stop watch which you can use to set a time limit for the customer picking the lock. People will gather around to see what is going on and it will be easy sledding to get in contact with new customers and clients.

Included in delivery:

- acryl safe

- skeleton key

Overall dimensions:

- weight:           20kg

- length:           40cm

- width:             40cm

- height:           65cm

Verkauf Tresor Verkauf Tresor

Verkauf Tresor  Verkauf Tresor